How to Submit a Deliverable for Your Breakout Group

This article explains how one member of your Breakout Group can upload your breakout group’s deliverable to the Moderator.

How to submit a deliverable to the Moderator

After your group has completed the assigned exercise and is ready to submit your deliverable (e.g. notes, case study, etc), one group member can submit the deliverable using the following instructions:

  1. Assign one group member to submit the deliverable and communicate to everyone else not to submit anything, only to mark the activity complete. If anyone else in the group submits a file, it will overwrite all previous submissions.
  2. On the activity page, enter a summary of the deliverable in the Summary section. This can be a synopsis of the file, the notes from your group’s meeting, or whatever the activity instructs.
  3. submit breakout group deliverable
  4. If instructed by the activity and/or if your deliverable is a file, upload the file in the File section. Learn more about how to upload a file to the platform.
  5. upload breakout group deliverable
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  7. View who can see your submission below the Save button. Depending on how the course was built, the deliverable will be visible to the entire cohort or to only the Moderator and other admins.
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