How to Mark an Activity Complete

This article outlines how to mark a course activity complete to indicate completion of the activity.

What is the Mark Complete button?

In our platform, the way a learner indicates they have completed a course activity is through the Mark Complete button. Clicking the button signifies to the system that the activity has been completed and the learner is ready for the next activity. 

The Mark Complete button is found on the right side of the footer of every course activity.

What happens when you click Mark Complete

Several things happen when the Mark Complete button is clicked:

  • The platform gives the learner credit for completing the activity 
  • The learner is automatically taken to the next course activity
  • A check mark displays next to the completed activity to indicate that it has been completed

What happens if Mark Complete is not clicked

Even if an activity has been finished by a learner - e.g. an activity’s video has been watched - the platform does not update a learner’s performance metrics (e.g. completion percentage) until the Mark Complete button is clicked. 

Often when there are discrepancies between what a learner believes they completed in a course and what their learning leader is showing as having been completed via course analytics, the reason is that the learner did not click Mark Complete in one or more activities. 

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