Downloading Files From a Course

This article goes over which files can be downloaded from the platform and which files cannot be downloaded.

What can be downloaded

  • Attachments: Files such as PDFs or video transcripts are found at the bottom of a course activity. When clicked, the files will open and can be downloaded.

  • Images: If the body of a course activity contains an image that you would like to download, such as a diagram or flow chart, right click the image and click Save Image As to download the file.

What cannot be downloaded

  • Entire courses: You cannot download an entire course including all of its content.
  • A course activity: You cannot download all of the text, images, video, etc. from a course activity. If you would like to view the content at a later date, you can save the activity to your backpack.
  • Videos
  • Text from a course, including discussions and reflections
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