Anatomy of a Course - The Text Editor

Anatomy of a Course - The Text Editor

Every activity includes a description box where you will enter the text for that activity. The text editor allows you to do some basic formatting. Use these formatting tools to add style and interest to your text and improve the richness of the course experience for your participants. Try them out!

  • Different heading styles

  • Bolding

  • Italicizing

  • Underlining

  • Strikethrough

  • Justification

  • Numbering and bulleting

  • Indents and Outdents

  • Hyperlinking

  • 1.     Copy the url for the link you wish to embed
  • 2.     Click the above icon
  • 3.     Fill in the URL, Text to Display, and Title
  • 4.     Select ‘New Window’ as the target
  • 5.     Click ‘Ok’

  •        Adding images

  • 1.     Click the above icon
  • 2.     Choose the file to upload
  • 3.     Click ‘Next’
  • 4.     Choose the alignment (the standard is left-aligned)
  • 5.     Click ‘Insert’

  • Adding a horizontal line

  •  Add or edit HTML using the Source Code button. 

Use this to write or copy/paste advanced HTML, embed iframes, or for advanced formatting.  Requires knowledge of html mark up. 

When you are editing text that uses advanced formatting, or includes an embedded iframe, use this to view and edit the text to avoid accidentally deleting part of your source code.

Always check your work in the participant view after editing the code.

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