Course Feature: Live Events

This article outlines the live event course activity within the course experience, including what the term “live event” means within the learning journey, how to access live events, and what to do if you cannot attend a live event.

What is a live event?

Courses in our platform often involve both asynchronous and synchronous learning alongside a cohort. Asynchronous learning can be done separately for each learner based on their schedule, while synchronous learning requires cohort members to come together at the same time for a virtual learning event. Examples of asynchronous learning include watching videos, reading information about a topic, and engaging in discussions. The best example of a synchronous learning experience is a live event activity.

Live events are typically found at the end of each course or module and are typically referred to as course “capstones”. Often after several days of asynchronous learning, live event capstones bring the cohort together to engage in meaningful dialogue facilitated by the Moderator and often incorporating the course Sponsor and/or a Faculty. Live events vary in terms of structure but often involve meaningful conversations between learners and the course Sponsor and/or Faculty.

How to access a live event

Live events can be accessed two main ways:

  • Via calendar invitation: Your organization’s learning leader will likely send calendar invitation(s) for the date(s) and time(s) of all live events in the course. Those invitations should include the link(s) to join each live event via the designated meeting platform (e.g. Zoom, Teams, etc).
  • Via the course: 
    1. Navigate to the live event activity in the course and click on the activity. Live events are often found on the final day of a course or module and contain the action label “Live Event”.
    2. live event in course map
    3. On the activity page, click the Launch Event button to open the meeting room (via Zoom, Teams, etc). The meeting details are also sometimes found in the activity text.
    4. live event launch event button

    What to do if you cannot attend a live event

    All live events are recorded and added to the respective course activity within 24 hours. If you cannot attend a live event for any reason, you can view the recording in the course activity page.

    live event recording

    Marking a live event activity complete

    After attending a live event, you must click Mark Complete on the course activity to receive credit for completing the activity. 

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