Course Feature: Notes

This article discusses the course notes feature, which allows learners to take notes as they learn and save the notes to their backpack.

What is the notes feature?

The notes feature allows learners to take notes during their course experience. The notes are tied to specific course activities and are saved in the learner’s backpack. Notes are always available to revisit for active accounts. 

How to take and save notes

In any course activity, the notes feature can be found in the footer, to the left of the Save for Later button, which saves the activity to the learner’s backpack. 

When the Notes button is clicked, a lined text box appears and learners can write notes in the box. The notes are automatically saved as they are written. 

To remove the lined text box, simply click the Notes button again.

Where are notes stored?

Notes are stored in a learner’s backpack. To retrieve notes and/or go to the activity where a particular set of notes was written, follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the backpack icon on the top right of any course page.
  2. Click Your Notes.
  3. Your notes will be displayed. You can also easily navigate to your reflections, discussions posts, and all saved activities.
  4. To go to a specific course activity where notes were taken, click Go to the right of any set of notes.
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