Course Feature: Backpack

This article discusses the backpack feature and shows how to use the backpack to save notes, discussion posts, reflections, and activities.

What is the backpack?

The backpack is a feature in the platform that captures key pieces of the course experience that a learner may want to revisit at a later time. While a learner’s backpack automatically saves their discussion posts and reflections, learners can optionally save activities they’d like to view again, as well as any notes taken throughout the course. 

The backpack can be found on the course header inside a course, on the top right of any course page. It is located to the right of the discussions feature icon. When clicked, learners can go to their saved notes, reflections, discussion posts, and course activities.

How to save activities to the backpack

In the footer of any course activity there is a Save for Later button that, when clicked, will add the activity to the backpack. 

Note: Saved items in the backpack for a course are located in that course specifically, meaning that to access the backpack for a course a learner should navigate to the course. Additionally, saved items in the backpack cannot be downloaded through the platform at this time. 

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