Course Notifications

This article details the notifications sent from the platform during each course. 

Note: Emails that come from the platform include a button in the email to go directly to the relevant page related to the email. For example, when a launch letter is sent, the email includes a button that takes you to the course page.

Types of course notifications

  • Enrollment notifications, if enabled by the site admin
  • Reminder notification, if enabled by the site admin and configured by your organization’s learning leader
  • Launch letter
  • Automated daily email
  • Discussion replies and @ mentions
  • Breakout group
  • Messages from the Moderator

Enrollment notifications

If the site admin has enabled enrollment notifications, you will receive an email when you are enrolled in a course, either by your organization’s learning leader or via self enrollment. 

enrollment notification

Reminder notification

If your site admin has enabled reminder notifications and your learning leader has configured this notification for the cohort, you will receive this email. The reminder communication is meant to remind cohort members of the upcoming course. The time it’s sent varies by cohort based on the learning leader’s configuration, but it’s typically sent a few days to one week before the course begins.

reminder notification

Launch letter

The launch letter is a message that is sent to all learners in a cohort to let them know the course is now available to them. You will receive this when a course has officially been opened and you can begin completing the course with your cohort.

course launch letter

Automated daily email

The automated daily email notification is sent every day there are course activities in a course. If there are no activities on a given day, for example due to a holiday or the pacing of the course, you will not receive the automated daily email that day. Additionally, these emails are not sent for unpaced courses. In general, these emails provide you with a snapshot of how many activities you have completed and how many are scheduled for the current day.

course automated daily email

Discussion replies and @ mentions

Whenever someone tags you in a discussion post using the @ mention feature or replies to a discussion post you have made, you will receive an email notification to let you know what was posted. By clicking the View Comment button in the email, you will go directly to the discussion so you can easily reply.

Tip: Replying to the email does not reply to the discussion post. You must click the View Comment button and reply from the course activity itself.

Breakout group

If your course incorporates breakout groups, you will receive notifications when someone posts in your breakout group page or in a breakout group discussion. Breakout group discussion activities function similarly to discussion activities, but the discussions are only between breakout group members and cannot be seen by other cohort members.

Messages from the Moderator

Periodically, the Moderator will send a message to a portion or all of a cohort, often to introduce themselves and send information related to the course.

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