Email Address Issues Related to Missing Courses

There are several common issues when the email address is the reason you are not seeing a course that you should be enrolled in. This article lists these common problems and outlines how to solve them.

Ensure email address is the issue

  • If the course is currently running, are you receiving the automated daily notification emails? These are emails sent by our platform every day there are course activities listed. Be sure to also check your junk/spam mail folder. 
    • If you are getting the emails, try clicking the button included in each of them to go directly to the course after logging in. If that doesn’t work, contact us using the Contact link at the top of the page and provide as much detail as possible. 
  • If your course has not started yet but you are receiving course-related emails to a different email address than the one associated with your account historically, follow the instructions in the next section based on the issue.

Common problems if you are not receiving course-related emails from the platform

  • Account email address error: Your organization’s learning leader may have made an error (e.g. spelling error) when adding your email address to the course roster. If so, our system would have attempted sending course-related emails to the incorrect email address. 
    • Ask your learning leader to check for any errors in the roster. If they find that your email address contains an error and you do not already have an account, they should correct the email address in that account and trigger a password reset. Then, you will receive a welcome email from the platform, will be prompted to set up a password, and should see the course listed under Courses. 
    • If you already had an account using the correct email address, the learning leader will instead need to deactivate the incorrect account and remove it from the cohort, then add your correct account to the cohort.
  • Account email address change: If you have recently changed your email address (e.g. due to a name change or company acquisition), the email address included in the course roster may be different from the email address you have previously used in our platform. Learn how to check your account’s email address and if you have multiple accounts.
    • If you are enrolled in a course that is running and are not sure which email address was enrolled, check all of your email accounts for course-related emails. Be sure to also check your junk/spam mail folder.
    • If the email address that was enrolled in the course is different from the one you have previously used in the platform, this could indicate that you have more than one active account. 
    • To solve this problem, ask your organization’s learning leader to remove your incorrectly added account from the cohort, change the email address on that account to something else, and deactivate that account. Then, you can change the email address in your original account to your new email address so you keep your course history. In the meantime, do not complete course activities using your incorrect account (i.e. the account not containing your course history). 
    • After these steps are completed, you should see the course listed under Courses in your preferred, original account using your new email address.

If you are still experiencing difficulties after following the steps above, please contact Support via email at When contacting Support, please provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Email address associated with your account
  • Organization/Company name
  • Detailed description of your issue
  • Screenshot(s) where applicable
  • Course or area of the platform you are trying to access
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