How to Use the Catalog and Splash Pages to Enroll in a Course

This article outlines how to use the catalog and splash pages to enroll in a course.

What is the catalog?

The catalog is an optional feature, managed by your site owner, that allows for a learner to browse available courses prior to enrolling in a course. The catalog displays courses that learners can enroll in, and offers search and filter capabilities to help learners easily navigate to the course(s) they’re looking for. 

Note: If the catalog feature has not been enabled by your site admin, you cannot use the catalog currently. However, you can still use self enrollment splash pages to enroll in courses, provided they have been set up by your learning leader (see below).

course splash page

Catalog features

  • Course tiles: Each tile represents a course that has or will have one or more cohorts open for self enrollment. The tiles contain information, such as the course title and tagline, next cohort start date, and the length of the course. Clicking the tile takes you to the splash page for that course, where you can enroll for a specific cohort.
  • Search bar: If you know the name of the course you’re looking for, you can use the search bar to search for the course by name.
  • catalog search bar
  • Sort: Sort the courses in alphabetical order from A to Z or Z to A.
  • catalog sort by
  • Filter: Use the filters to filter for courses that are currently open for enrollment, by start date, by course duration, or by course tags (Note: The tags listed in the screenshot below are only examples).
  • catalog filters tags

How do I sign up for a course using the catalog?

After you have navigated to the course you’d like to sign up for, follow the instructions below to sign up for a specific cohort for a course.

  1. Click on the course tile for the course you’d like to sign up for.
  2. The page you land on is the course splash page. This page contains information about the course, as well as the cohort(s) that you can sign up for that will be taking the course. Read the course information and view the cohort start date(s) to learn about the course, what you will learn, what others are saying about their experience, as well as FAQs and course details.
  3. course splash page

  4. Click Enroll Now to enroll in the course. If there are multiple cohorts to choose from, you can use the dropdown next to the Enroll Now button to choose the course start date you’d like to enroll in.
  5. splash page enroll now button

    splash page enroll now button multiple cohorts

  6. After clicking Enroll Now, you are officially enrolled in the course. You will be taken to your My Courses page, where the course will be listed as Upcoming. If you navigate back to the course splash page, you will see a message where the Enroll Now button was previously found:
  7. enrollment message on splash page

  8. Depending on the notifications your organization’s learning leader has configured on the platform, you may receive a confirmation email immediately as well as a reminder notification email several days before the course begins. You will receive an email to let you know when the course has launched and during the course, you will receive automated daily notification emails (Note: these notifications are not sent if the course is unpaced). Learn more about standard course notifications.

How to unenroll from a course

  1. Navigate to the My Courses page.
  2. Locate the course you would like to unenroll from.
  3. Click Options on the bottom left of the course tile.
  4. Click Unenroll.
  5. unenroll option for self enrolled course
  6. Click OK on the popup that appears. You have now been unenrolled from the course.
  7. popup confirmation message to unenroll from self enrolled coursed

Can I sign up using a splash page if my organization doesn’t use the catalog?

Yes, but you will need a direct link to the course splash page in order to sign up. Ask your organization’s learning leader for the splash page link, which was likely shared via email or other communications to promote the course. Then, follow steps 2 through 5 above.

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