The Difference Between Current and Ended Courses

This article describes the differences between current courses and ended courses.

One of the main distinctions between cohort learning and other forms of learning is that cohort learning brings together a specific group of people for a specific period of time to share a learning journey. In other words, each learning journey has a beginning, middle, and end for each cohort. As a result, it’s important to understand the difference between a course experience that is running currently and a course experience that has already ended.

Differences between Current and Ended Courses

  • “Current Courses” refers to courses that have begun but have not reached the end of scheduled course activities. For example, if a course start date is April 1 and the last day of activities is April 5, then the course is considered Current during that period and will be listed under Current Courses when navigating to Current Courses. 
    • Note: since unpaced courses have no start or end dates, they are not categorized as Ended at any point and are therefore always Current.
  • “Ended Courses” refers to courses with the last day of activities in the past. For example, if a course’s last day of activities is April 5, it will be considered Ended after that date.*

*Note: Even though a course is technically Ended after the last day of activities, on the home page and under Courses in our platform, courses are displayed as Current for an additional 7 days, as a grace period for learners. This is because learners periodically complete final course activities within a few days after the course has ended.

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