How to Check Your Account’s Email Address and if You Have Multiple Accounts

This article includes instructions to see what email address is registered to your account, or if you have more than one account. The troubleshooting steps below may be helpful if you’re encountering login issues, or if you’re having trouble finding courses you believe you are enrolled in.

How to confirm the email address associated with your account

If you’re logged into your account

  • If you are logged into your account, you can check to see what email address is associated with your account by navigating to the Edit Profile page

If you’re not logged into your account

  • If you have multiple email addresses, can’t remember which one is associated with your account, and therefore can’t log in, try resetting your account password by entering each of the email addresses you use on the login page. Be sure to check your junk/spam mail folder for your password reset email.
  • If you only have one account and are not sure if it was created correctly, check your email, including spam and junk folders, for a welcome email from our platform. You can also try resetting your password on the login page to see if the password reset email is sent. If not, you do not have an account using that email address.

Have you discovered you have more than one account?

If you determine that you have more than one account and would like to remove all accounts except your primary account, ask your learning leader to deactivate the additional account(s). 

If your email address has changed (e.g. due to a name change) and an additional account was already made using your new email address, ask your learning leader to change the email address on the new account from your updated/correct email address to something else, then deactivate that account. Then, change the email address in your original account to your updated/correct email address, which will be available after following the previous step. Now your course history will stay with the original account and the email address will be updated correctly. 

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