How to Update Notification Preferences

This article describes how to change your notification preferences for offers and announcements, daily course progress notifications, and community digest notifications.

  1. Hover over the Account Menu at the top right of the page and click on Edit Profile
  2. edit profile from account menu
  3. Click on the Notifications tab at the top of the page.
  4. profile settings
  5. Under Offers and Announcements, you can choose to opt into newsletters and commercial offers as well as product updates and announcements from our company by clicking the checkbox(es) so the box is filled in blue with a check mark. 
  6. offers and announcements
  7. Under My Daily Course Progress Notifications, you can choose to receive a daily automated notification or turn off notifications. The daily automated notification is sent any day there are scheduled course activities at a time based on your selected time zone.
  8. daily course progress notifications
  9. Under My Community Digest Notifications, you can choose to receive either a daily or weekly community notification or turn off notifications. The community digest email is sent when resources are added to a Community of Practice. The email is sent the day or week after a resource is added, based on your listed preference and your selected time zone.
  10. community digest notifications

Note: If you are a manager and wish to update your My Team notification preferences, please view our article about the My Team feature.

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