Creating and Editing Your Profile

Every account includes a profile page where you can share information about yourself, including your title and a bio, as well as upload a profile photo. This information can be seen by other learners and admins at your organization.

How to edit your profile

To edit your profile, first login to the platform. Next, hover over the Account Menu at the top right of the page and click on Edit Profile

edit profile from account menu

You can add as much information as you’d like to your profile, including your title, location, and bio, in addition to the required fields of first name, last name, and email address. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

profile information

How to upload your profile picture

  1. Click Add File to Upload on the left side of your Edit Profile page. 
  2. Next, choose an image from your computer to upload. Once it’s uploaded, you can crop and position it, if necessary. Tip: The platform will fit the image to a circle shape so choose your image with the shape in mind.
  3. Click Save. 

profile photo

How to View Your Profile

If you wish to see how your profile will appear to other learners and admins, simply click Preview Profile on the left side of the Edit Profile page. Note: Only learners and admins who are logged into their accounts can view another learner’s account profile.

preview profile button

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