Anatomy of a Course - Building an Activity

Anatomy of a Course - Building an Activity

When you add an activity to your course, there are several components that need to be completed no matter what type of activity you are adding.

Creating an Activity

  • 1.     Select the activity type you will be adding. In this example we are selecting ‘Activity.’

  • 2.     You will see a page displayed like the one below.

  • 3.     Enter an Action Label. By default this field will be populated but it is best practice to make this as specific and appropriate as possible. What will participants do with this activity? Will they read, watch, download? The general rule of thumb is to make sure it is an action verb. This will be displayed in lower case no matter how it is typed in.
  • 4.     Enter a Name for the activity. This will display in the course navigation for your participants.
  • 5.     Enter the Description. This is the text for your activity. It may be preceding text for attached files and videos, an embedded survey or simply text to be read.
  • 6.     Enter the Duration. How long will it take to complete this activity? Enter this number in seconds rather than minutes.
  • 7.     Check the box if this is an optional activity. The activity will be displayed in the course, but the duration will not be included in the time needed per lesson. It is recommended that you add ‘Optional’ to the activity title so that participants are aware it is not a required activity.
  • 8.     Click Save.

Tips for creating activities:

Tip #1

You have another box that you might check if needed – the prerequisite box. If participants must complete a prior activity before they gain access to this activity, check the prerequisite box.

Tip #2

Remember to always have two tabs open – one for working in the course builder itself, and the other to preview the activities as you create and edit them.

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