How to Be Added to or Removed From a Course

This article describes how to request to be added to or removed from both a live course and a course that has not yet begun. If you want to add or remove a course from your Courses, follow the instructions below.

Request to add a course

If you would like to take a course that is currently running or has not yet started, contact your organization’s learning leader to ask if you can be added. They will add you to the cohort and you will begin receiving the automated daily reminder notifications after the course begins. If the course is currently running, the learning leader can also send you a direct link to the course to get started immediately after they have added you.

Request to remove a course

To unenroll from a course, contact your organization’s learning leader and they will remove you from the cohort. Please note that when you are removed from a cohort, you will no longer be able to view the course content.

If you are still experiencing difficulties after following the steps above, please contact Support via email at When contacting Support, please provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Email address associated with your account
  • Organization/Company name
  • Detailed description of your issue
  • Screenshot(s) where applicable
  • Course or area of the platform you are trying to access
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