Course Enrollment Notifications

This article outlines the types of enrollment notifications, including enrollment confirmation, enrollment cancellation, and enrollment reminder, as well as how to configure these options. Enabling these notifications allows admins to automatically notify learners when they are enrolled, dropped, or reminded of an upcoming course.

Note: In order for learners to receive enrollment notifications, the enrollment notifications setting must be enabled via Site Settings

What are course enrollment notifications?

Course enrollment notifications are automatic, standardized emails sent to learners added to a cohort. They are sent at the following times, detailed below:

  1. Enrollment: When a learner is enrolled in a course
  2. Cancellation: When a cohort’s course is canceled
  3. Reminder: When the admin designates a reminder to be sent to cohort members before the course begins

Enrollment confirmation

Learners will automatically receive an enrollment confirmation email when enrolled in a cohort via the following methods:

  • Self enrollment
  • Enrolled by an admin individually or via bulk add
  • Enrolled via a data feed

Enrollment cancellation

Learners will automatically receive an enrollment cancellation email when removed or dropped from a cohort. This includes:

  • A learner cancels their enrollment from a course splash page
  • An admin removes a member from a cohort
  • A data feed removes a member from a cohort

Enrollment reminder 

Admins can set a reminder date for the platform to automatically send a reminder notification to cohort members ahead of a course beginning. Often this date is about one week prior to the course launch date.

How to configure reminder notifications

  1. Click on the admin tools icon on the top right after logging in.
  2. Click Courses from the admin tools menu on the left.
  3. Select the desired course.
  4. Click on the desired cohort.
  5. On the Configure page, navigate to the Notifications section and select the date you would like the notification to be sent. Notifications will be sent to cohort members just after midnight based on their time zone preference.
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