Course Builder - Build Tab

Course Builder – Build Tab

The Build tab is where you will spend the majority of your time as you build your course. You’ve created the shell of a course or copied an existing course. Now it’s time to build. In this example we will be creating a new, empty course. There are two things to note:

1) An untitled module is created by default.

2) A cohort is automatically created. You will use this cohort to preview the participant view as you’re building the course.

Modules, Lessons and Activities

Before we get started, let’s review the structure of a course. Each course is made up of three components: modules, lessons, and activities.

  •       A module is a complete unit of study within your course.  For the optimal user experience, modules are typically 1 week long, containing 5 lessons (1 per workday). 
  •       Lessons are groups of activities that support a specific teaching point or outcome.  They are usually 5 – 7 activities and total about 30 minutes of participant time.  The default setting is one lesson per day.
  •       The activities contain the content of the course.  They should be chunked into small digestible pieces and linked together through the lessons and modules.

When working in Course Builder we recommend keeping two tabs open: one for the builder itself and one to preview the course as you are building it so you can view the participant experience. You can do this by clicking View Course next to the course name and then clicking Open Link in New Tab.

Edit A Module Name

  • 1.     Click ‘Edit Module.’
  • 2.     Enter the Module name.
  • 3.     Click ‘Update.’
  • There are two options when building your course. You can build an outline of modules and lessons and then go back and add the activities to each lesson or you can build one module at a time with the associated lessons and activities and then moving on to the next module.
  • Add A Lesson
  • 1.     Select ‘Lesson’ from the dropdown menu.
  • 2.     Enter a name for the lesson.
  • 3.     Click Create.

Add Activities to a Lesson

  • 1.     Select the Lesson dropdown menu and select the type of activity you want to create.
  • 2.     Enter the details for the activity. We will explain the Text Editor and the various types of activities in a later lesson.

  • 3.     Click ‘Create.’
  • 4.     Follow this same process to create additional activities.

Add A Lesson to A Module

  • 1.     To add a new Lesson click on the dropdown next to Edit Module and select Lesson.
  • 2.     Enter the Lesson name.
  • 3     Click Create.

Add A Module to a Course

Modules are created by clicking the ‘Add Module’ button at the top of the course.

Moving Activities within a Lesson or Module

1.     Activities can be moved by clicking on the up or down arrow on the right-hand side of the course next to the appropriate activity.

2. You may also move activities between lessons and modules.  Make sure that your activity is indented under your lesson title to ensure it is paced appropriately.

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