How to Publish a Course to the Catalog

The catalog allows learners to browse available courses prior to enrolling in a course and can be enabled and configured via Site Settings. This article outlines the steps to publish a course to the catalog.

How to navigate to the catalog settings for a course

  1. Click on the admin tools icon on the top right after logging in.
  2. Click Courses from the admin tools menu on the left.
  3. Select the desired course.
  4. Click the Settings option within the course.

How to configure course settings related to the catalog

Each course can be configured differently for the catalog, including the following options:

  1. Enable Splash Page: This setting allows you to create a splash page for the course.
  2. Publish to Catalog: This setting will publish the course to the catalog, making it visible in the catalog for certain learners based on the privacy settings chosen.
  3. Privacy Setting: This setting allows admins to configure the visibility of the course within the catalog. There are three privacy settings to choose from:
    • Public: No sign-in is required to access. Note: You must first enable this option from Site Settings if you would like to enable this privacy setting option.
    • Site: Anyone who can log into the site can access.
    • Community: Anyone who can log into the site and also is a member of the associated community can access. 
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the page and visit the catalog to make sure you see your course listed. Note: In order to check that the course shows up correctly, the catalog must be enabled via Site Settings and you must be able to view the course in the catalog based on the privacy settings chosen.

Learn how to use course tags to categorize courses in the catalog.

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