Self Enrollment Using Course Splash Pages

In addition to individually or bulk adding learners to a cohort, the platform provides functionality that allows learners to self enroll in courses using course splash pages. This article outlines how to share splash pages with learners and provides an overview of what happens when a learner enrolls in a course.

How to make a splash page available to learners

In order to have learners self enroll in a course, they must first be able to access the page with the course information and the enrollment button. Getting a course splash page in front of a learner is done using the following steps:

  1. Create a splash page for a course via the course Settings page.
  2. Enable self enrollment via the course splash page from the Configure page in the cohort setup menu so that learners with access to the splash page can sign up for a course. 
    • Note: If the maximum number of enrollments, set in the Configure page, is reached, learners will no longer see the Enroll button. Also, be sure to periodically check the number of enrollments on the cohort Members page so you can increase the maximum number of enrollments or communicate to your audience as needed if the maximum is reached.
  3. Share the splash page. A few recommended ways to share the splash page include…
    • the catalog, keeping in mind the privacy settings chosen when building the splash page. 
    • putting the splash page link in any messages sent to potential learners to promote the course. This link can be found in the course Settings page and can be copied using the copy icon to the right of the URL.
    • posting the splash page link in the respective Community of Practice page. Note: There are many ways to creatively incorporate the splash page link in a Community of Practice, so ask your Customer Success representative for more information if you’d like to use this option.

What happens when a learner signs up for a course using a splash page?

Once a splash page has been built and shared with a learner and they have accessed the page, they can enroll themselves in a course. The following actions take place once a learner has enrolled in a course:

  1. The learner will now see the course listed in their Courses page, under Upcoming.
  2. When the learner revisits the splash page, they will see a message notifying them that they are enrolled.
  3. If Course Enrollment Notifications have been turned on in Site Settings, the learner will receive an email notification letting them know they have been enrolled. They will also receive an email notification if a reminder email was configured via the cohort Configure page, as well as a cancellation notification if the cohort is canceled.
  4. The learner will automatically show up in the Members page for the cohort they enrolled in, without needing to be added to the cohort manually.
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