Cohort Setup: Launch

This article provides instructions for launching a cohort once it is set up. Before launching a cohort, make sure you have completed the following cohort setup components:

What does it mean to launch a cohort?

Unlike other e-learning experiences, cohort-based learning involves a group of people going through a learning experience in the same timeframe, together. As a result, courses in our platform have content laid out over a certain period of time and paced in a specific way (learn more about pacing your course), and courses must be opened to all learners at the same time. The process of opening the course to learners is called launching a cohort.

How to launch a cohort

  1. To begin, navigate to the Launch page.
  2. Check on the page for any errors and/or warnings. The Platform will display errors, which will prevent you from launching a cohort, as well as warnings, which will allow you to launch but which include issues you should address prior to launch.
  3. The most common error is trying to launch a cohort when the course version is still in draft and hasn't been published. Learn more about publishing your course. Common warnings include not adding cohort members and not setting up course events.

  4. Do one final review of all of the cohort setup pages and course page to make sure everything is ready to go. Once you have reviewed the details of your course and cohort, you are ready to launch. Remember, once you launch the cohort it will be available to learners in the cohort.
  5. Click the Launch Cohort button. 
  6. Optional: On the next screen, you will be able to compose a “launch letter”, which is a configurable message that is sent to learners to let them know the course is now available to them. While you can disable the launch letter, it is a best practice to send this message from this screen rather than your email provider. Emails that come from the platform include a button in the email to go directly to the relevant page related to the email. For example, when a launch letter is sent, the email includes a button that takes the learner to the course page.
  7. Notes regarding launch letters:
    • A subject line is required for the launch letter. Your subject line will automatically read “[Course Name]: [whatever you add in the Your Subject line]”
    • If a launch letter is sent, it will come from the user logged in when it’s sent. The sender’s name, picture, and email will be located at the bottom of the Launch Letter, along with a link to the course.
    • You cannot resend the launch letter or un-launch a course.

  8. Launch your cohort by clicking the Let’s Go button. Note: The Let’s Go button must be clicked in order to open the cohort to learners. This will change your cohort status from 'Preview' to 'Live.' Cohort members will not be able to view the cohort until it’s changed to ‘Live’.
  9. Once the cohort is launched, the Launch page will now list the date of the launch and will display the launch letter, if applicable, under Launch Summary. Additionally, on the course admin page that lists all course versions and cohorts, the Status column will now show the cohort as Live.
  10. Note regarding cohort status

    Cohorts have a Status field on the course admin page that allows admins to see the launch status of an individual cohort. By default, all cohorts are in Preview status when created. Cohort status types include the following:

    • Preview: Cohort is not live and is not accessible by learners. No email notifications will be sent to learners.
    • Live: Cohort is live and able to be accessed by learners. Cohort member invite, launch letter and daily progress notifications will be emailed to learners.
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