Cohort Setup: Featured Users

This article describes the Featured Users section of the cohort admin pages, including how to add Featured Users, as well as how to add and modify featured user “containers” (i.e. categories).

What are Featured Users?

Featured Users are users in the platform that are selected to appear in the right sidebar of the course page for a cohort. By featuring users, learners can easily see who to contact with course questions (the Moderator), who from a leadership position is paying attention to the cohort (Sponsor), etc. This helps motivate the learner and create a more seamless learning experience.

There are three containers of Featured Users by default, titled Instructor, Course Moderator and Sponsor. You can rename these containers and add additional featured user categories as well.

Note: Adding a person as a Featured User does not give them access to the course or Admin permissions. You will need to add them in the Admins page to do so.

To begin, navigate to the Featured Users page.

How to add someone to a Featured User group

To add someone to any Featured User group, simply type their name or email address into the Add User section under the respective container and click on their name when displayed. Because they already have an account, as you begin typing the desired Featured User should display. Note: It is common to have more than one user included in each container.

How to rename a Featured User group

You may rename a Featured User group by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name you wish to change and then entering a new name. For instance, you could change the label of Instructor to something else representing a person or group of people you’d like displayed on the course page.

How to change the appearance a Featured User group

You may also change the size of a Featured User group’s appearance on the course page. Click on the dropdown in the Style options to change the size. All groups are set to large by default.

How to add a new a Featured User group

To add a new Featured User group, navigate to the Add Featured User Group section at the bottom of the page, add the name of the new group, and click Add.

How to change the order of Featured User groups

You may prefer to have certain groups listed above or below others on the course page. If so, you can change the order in which they appear. To change the order of the groups, click on the colored panel on the left of the group you wish to move, drag the container to its new placement, and drop it. You will see an arrow next to the colored panel pointing to the new location before you drop the container into place.

Permissions granted in the Featured Users page

  1. Moderator: All individuals in the Moderator container will have an envelope icon next to Moderator group (or whatever it is renamed as) listed on the course page (see screenshot above). When clicked, this icon allows learners in the cohort to email the Moderator, typically for any questions about the course.
  2. Additionally, if your course includes a Cohort Update Activity, the individual creating and uploading the video for the activity must be added to either the Moderator or Sponsor container to have the permissions granted to upload the video.
  3. Using the Admin page: When people are added to a container in the Featured Users tab, they are not granted permissions other than those listed above. If you’d like to give any Featured Users admin permissions, it is necessary to give them the desired permissions in the Admin page. For example, someone listed as a Moderator in the Featured Users page will be able to receive emails from learners, but if you do not also add that person in the Admin page and give ‘Moderator’ admin permissions, they will not be able to access the cohort, email the cohort, manage breakout groups, or view completion reports.
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