Cohort Setup: Members

This article covers how to add learners to a cohort by bulk adding cohort members, individually adding cohort members, or copying members from another cohort. It also shows how to remove cohort members.

How do you decide who to include in a cohort?

When creating your cohort’s roster, it’s important to clearly define the intended audience. Consider the following questions:

  • What criteria do these learners meet that qualify them for this course?
  • Are they from the same division or should there be a mix of divisions and/or functions in the cohort?
  • Is a cohort of learners at the same career level preferred or is a mix of career levels better?

These questions and others are important to consider when determining who to include in your cohort as well as what data fields you decide to include in your roster.

Contact your Customer Success representative to learn more and collaborate on cohort construction for your initiative(s).

Once ready, you can add learners into a cohort by following the steps below.  

How to add cohort members individually

Note: If your organization uses Single Sign On (SSO), you must add learners in bulk via CSV using the instructions below rather than adding individual learners.

  1. Navigate to the Members page.
  2. Enter the learner’s email in the ‘Add a Member’ box.
  3. If the learner is already in the system, their name and email will populate in the dropdown and you can click on the name to add them as a member of the cohort. If the learner does not already have an account, you can create an account for them by clicking “Create New User Account”. 
  4. If a new account needs to be created, you will be prompted to fill in the learner’s information (learn more about what is required to create an account).

How to add cohort members in bulk via CSV

  1. From the Members page, select the Bulk Add Members option.
  2. There are two options for bulk adding learners, each with a step-by-step guide and an example template for your batch file.

If all of your cohort learners are existing users in the platform, you should select the first option, Assign existing members to cohort. This option only requires a .csv file containing all learners’ email addresses in order to load them into the cohort. A template is provided for your convenience.

If you are loading all new learners to the Platform or you have a mix of new and existing learners in the roster, you should select “Create new user accounts and assign them to this cohort.” A template is provided for your convenience. 

Be sure to consider the importance of consistent, accurate, and clean data before uploading your file, as the data you include for each learner is included in reports throughout the platform. While only first name, last name, and email address are required (as well as External GUID for organizations using Single Sign On), adding data to additional fields will help provide value to your organization through our analytics capabilities.

Please note: Accurate data is critical to both a seamless learner experience and accurate reporting. It is important to adhere to your company standards regarding the fields that should be populated and where you should obtain the data. We cannot stress enough the importance of accurate data.  An incorrect learner email address or external guid may result in that individual not being able to access the course and/or their performance data not displaying properly in our analytics dashboards.

How to add cohort members in bulk by copying members from another cohort

If your cohort consists of the same learners from another cohort, you can simply copy the members into your new cohort.

  1. From the Members page, select the Copy Members option
  2. Next, choose the cohort containing the members you’d like to copy to your new cohort. You can also optionally copy admins and featured users to the new cohort.
  3. Click Copy. The copied learners will now appear as cohort members in your new cohort.

How to add cohort members using self enrollment

To learn how to use self enrollment to populate your cohort, read our article about self enrollment using course splash pages. Once learners have signed up to be a cohort member for a course, they will appear in the Members page as members of the cohort.

How to remove a cohort member

To remove a cohort member, simply find their name in the cohort list in the Members page and click Remove. They will no longer be able to access the course and will no longer receive emails from the platform regarding the course. Their performance data will not be included in any reports generated for the cohort.

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