Why Do We Calculate Benchmarks?

Benchmarks provide a standard to which you can compare results on the High Impact Learning Dashboard (HILD) across organizations and courses. 

Our Benchmarks are dynamic and are updated once per week to reflect the most recent and most accurate information. Your benchmark score represents the average score among learners within our metrics of Engagement, Advocacy, and Understanding. The benchmarks add a great deal of value and represent a standard of comparison unrivaled in the industry.

All CorpU Courses Benchmark: Average score for that metric among learners from all courses, across all customers

CorpU Course Benchmark: Average score for that metric among all learners that have been enrolled in the course included in the report

In the screenshot example above, the average Engagement score among all courses is around 52, while the average score for this particular course is around 34. The cohort(s) included in the report averaged 60, well above both this course’s and all courses’ benchmark.

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