How to Generate a Report Using the Current Courses Dashboard

Once you have navigated to the Current Courses dashboard, you can run a report to track enrollments, participation, and collaboration across all courses that are currently running, as well as unpaced courses

  1. Click on Filters at the top of the page.
  2. Next, select whether or not to include cohorts with no end date, i.e. unpaced courses.
  3. From the dropdown, choose the initiative(s), course(s), and cohort(s) you would like to report on. You can include as many initiatives, courses, and cohorts as you’d like. Tip: If you have many to include, you can change any of the dropdowns to “excludes” and then select only the initiative(s), course(s), and/or cohort(s) you would like to exclude from the report.
  4. Finally, select the dimension you would like the results filtered by from the options listed. Be sure to use consistent, accurate, and “clean” data to ensure the dimension codes are valuable to your organization.
  5. Click Run to generate your report. Tip: Almost every figure and chart is clickable in the dashboard, allowing you to dive deeper into the data and gain valuable insights. For example, if you’d like to view who was silent in the discussion activities, you can click the light blue portion of the Discussion graph.

Learn more about how to download a Current Courses report PDF and how to download a Current Courses report CSV.

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