Creating and Copying a Course

Preparing to Build - Creating vs Copying a Course

It is time to begin building your course. You will first need to determine if you are creating a new course or copying an existing course.

Let’s start by explaining the difference between the two basic options when creating a new course. Both of the options below begin by clicking on the “+ Create a New Course” button on the Course Builder page and a new course will be added to the list of courses.

  •       Create a new course – use this option when you want to start from an empty shell to build your course.
  •       Copy an existing course – Use this option when you want to use an existing course’s format, structure, or content, as a starting point, but you will be making changes to it. When you select this option, you are creating an entirely new course, not a version underneath the pre-existing course.

To Create a new course

  • 1.     Click + Create a New Course2.     Click Create a new, empty course
  • 3.     Enter a course name and click Create

To Copy an existing course

  • 1.     Click + Create a New Course
  • 2.     Click Copy an existing course
  • 3.     Select the version of the [course name] to copy
  • 4.     Change to course version name and click Create

Creating a new Version of a Course

You may, however, want to create a new version of an existing course. You would select this option if you want to make minor changes to the course, but it is essentially the same course. The result will be a new version under the course name. In this case, you would use the Copy function that exists on the course page itself.

To create a new course version:

  • 1.     Click Copy on the right-hand side of the course version page.
  • 2.     A screen will pop up asking if you are sure you want to create a duplicate course version. Click ‘OK’.

  • 3.     Enter a new Version Name and click ‘Save’. The default is Copy of [Course Name].
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