November 29, 2021 Release Note

This month's release highlights our most recent product improvements and fixes so that you stay informed about what's new on CorpU.

What's New

Important new improvements and fixes coming to CorpU on November 29th


Smaller enhancements we have made to our product
  • All course activity types are now accessibility compliant, including the use of keyboard controls and screen readers.
  • A new Return to Dropbox button has been added to dropbox activities to improve navigation and make it easier to return to the previous activity
  • File uploads have been improved by now allowing alt and title text to be added to image files. The title text can be added to all other file types, which increases the web accessibility experience for learners with diverse abilities.
  • The Community of Practice has been updated to be more accessibility compliant, including improvements to color contrast, keyboard controls, and improved experience with the use of screen readers.
  • The accessibility experience across all popup modals has been improved to include support for keyboard controls to properly navigate and interact with options presented on screen.

Bug Fixes

Corrections to bugs that have been identified in our product

  • Corrected a scenario that would cause a thumbnail within a Community of Practice to not be visible to a user.
  • Fixed an issue on My Team that may have prevented someone from sending a kudos or a nudge to a participant

Coming Soon

Upcoming features and enhancements on our roadmap

  • Enhanced Community of Practice accessibility experience

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