August 2021 Release Note: Redesigned User Home Experience, Unified File Uploading Experience

This month’s release highlights our most recent product improvements and fixes so that you stay informed about what’s new on CorpU.

What’s New

Important new features coming to CorpU on August 9th.

New, Redesigned User Home Experience

CorpU’s latest update delivers a new user home experience that improves how you easily find everything you need to do right away. From jumping back into a course, accessing new resources that have been shared within a community of practice, responding to a Ping, building out a robust profile, or attending your next live event. The user home is your perfect launchpad where you can quickly navigate to all the things that matter most when you log into CorpU.

How are the tiles ordered on my homepage?

The user's home will sort tiles based on the following rules:

  1. Live Events will always appear first in the to-do list and will appear 24 hours in advance when a live event is scheduled to happen. Since these events are important, they will always appear first in the list so it's easy to find and jump into a scheduled event.
  2. Pings will be listed next since they are sent by administrators within a community of practice and ask for members' prompt responses to a survey question. 
  3. Paced courses will be listed next and will be sorted based on which cohorts are ending first.
  4. Self-paced courses will be listed after paced courses and sorted based on the start date of the course.
  5. Resources shared within a community of practice will be listed last and will remain within the to-do list for 5 days to allow members to view and discuss any new content that is shared.

CorpU users may also notice the following improvements to the user home:

  • A new toggle switch has been added to give users the option to see more or less detail
    Expanded View
    Simplified View

  • A more responsive experience that adapts to any device
Desktop Tablet Mobile

Unified, Secured File Uploading Experience

File uploading is essential when building new courses, sharing resources within a community, or collaborating with others to co-author a document in CorpU. As organizations move to remote and distanced workspaces it becomes increasingly critical to implement measures to ensure the security of file uploads, since file uploads are one of many areas that can create an attack vector for malicious actors. CorpU’s latest release will deliver a more unified and secure file uploading experience to continue to protect users from malicious files and actors.

How are file uploads changing?

Users will now experience one unified file uploading experience across CorpU. Documents and files (excluding video content) can now be easily uploaded to CorpU by following these steps:

  • Select or drag and drop a file from your device to the new CorpU file upload area
  • After selecting a file, it will immediately be uploaded to CorpU

  • Once the file is uploaded to CorpU, it will be automatically scanned to ensure the file is safe to share with others

  • Once the scanning process is complete, you can save or update resources with your uploaded file or document.


Smaller enhancements we have made to our product

  • Added the ability for administrators to upload a logo to easily brand their own CorpU Site. You can access the new Theme configuration page where you can upload your logo by navigating to Admin Tools > Site Settings > Theme.

Bug Fixes

Corrections to bugs that have been identified in our product

  • Fixed an issue where the course tour was not properly highlighting each section of the interface
  • Corrected an issue where the cohort launch summary page was not properly displaying a preview of the email communication that was sent to cohort members

Coming Soon

Upcoming features and enhancements on our roadmap

  • End of Support Notice: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Enhanced course player experience
  • Improved accessibility enhancements for popup modals
  • New, in-app product announcements
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