May 2021 Release Note: Full-Width Layout, Increased Image Sizes, Improved Navigation

This month we’ve got a number of design improvements for you, along with a new article that shares how CorpU is helping you create immersive learning experiences that are accessible on any device. Check out this month's highlights below:

What’s New

Important new features added to CorpU on June 7th.

New, Full-Width Design

We focused our efforts this month on enhancing the user experience in CorpU by creating a more immersive and responsive learning experience that is accessible for every learner (which is essential for a flexible and inclusive workplace). CorpU’s June 7 release includes a number of new design improvements that deliver a full-width layout that expands the viewable size in the platform and focuses the attention of the learner more on the content that delivers an engaging learning experience.

Before After

Why is a full-width layout important on CorpU?

  • It increases the maximum viewing size for a learner. This allows learners who use larger screens to better utilize the space available to them.
  • It increases the size of the course experience. This allows content within a course to now be accommodated up to 1080px wide, providing a richer canvas for images, video, infographics, and interactive content.
    • Helpful Tip: When embedding content into your course (surveys, iframes, videos, etc.), it's a best practice to always set the width of your content to 100% to ensure the embedded content will properly expand to full-width of the viewable area.
  • It increases maximum image sizes. This provides course and content authors the ability to upload images up to 1080px in order to support high-resolution images. Additionally, increasing the viewable space and image sizes allow for easier viewing on larger screens and adds more versatility to course designers when adding images.
    • Helpful Tip: You can improve the visual quality of your pre-existing courses by re-uploading higher-quality images to your course.   

CorpU users may also notice:

  • Max image size increases:
    Area Previous Max Image Size New Max Image Size
    Course Activity
    680px 1080px
    Community of Practice - Featured Content Thumbnail
    723px 978px
    Community of Practice - Toolkit Thumbnail
    223px 307px
  • Improved navigation to be more streamlined and take up less space in order to increase the visibility on-screen and reduce the need to scroll to view more content. The new navigation will also collapse and follow you as you scroll down the screen for easier navigation.
  • Improved navigation to Communities by presenting communities you have access to right away. The navigation was also improved to highlight the community you are actively engaged in and notate which communities you manage by displaying a new admin icon.


Smaller enhancements we have made to our product

  • Added alt image text when uploading images to improve accessibility.
  • Updated page title tags to provide a more accurate and concise description of a page's content.
  • Updated login page design to better accommodate login experiences that include CorpU authentication, Single Sign-On, and Self-Registration.

Bug Fixes

Corrections to bugs that have been identified in our product

  • Fixed an issue where links in a cohort launch email would no longer work if the cohort name were to be changed
  • Fixed an issue on mobile where dropdown options would create a blue background color
  • Corrected an issue where the admin navigation would overlay into course builder

Coming Soon

Upcoming features and enhancements on our roadmap

  • End of Support Notice: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Improved user home design
  • Accessible popup modals
  • Screen reader and keyboard navigation improvements

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